How Much Do Civil Engineers At Duke Energy

How Much Do Civil Engineers At Duke Energy

The annual median total compensation for Duke Energy's Civil Engineer role is reported to be $62,370.

The median yearly total compensation for Civil Engineers at Duke Energy is $62,370.

How much do electrical engineers make at Duke Energy Corp?

According to PayScale, the average salary for electrical engineers at Duke Energy Corp is $92,304 per year. However, the specific salary for an individual electrical engineer may vary based on factors such as job experience, education level, and job performance.

How much energy does Duke Energy Carolinas lose a year?

Duke Energy Carolinas experiences an annual energy loss of approximately 5.60% of the total electricity they transmit within their service area.

Who is Duke Energy Carolinas?

Duke Energy Carolinas is an electricity provider serving North Carolina and South Carolina with a service area encompassing 280 cities. They are an investor-owned entity with over 2.8 million customers.

Who is involved in Duke Energy's planning process?

Duke Energy actively engages stakeholders, including business customers, consumer advocacy groups, and environmental organizations, in its planning process.

How many employees does Duke Energy have?

Duke Energy has 28,000 employees and is undergoing a clean energy transition to reach its carbon reduction goals by 2030 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

What is Duke Energy Carolina's 2020 Integrated Resource Plan?

Duke Energy Carolina recently submitted its 2020 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), which includes potential pathways for achieving up to a 70% reduction in carbon emissions through policy and technology advancements. This announcement follows a recent statement from Duke Energy announcing plans for long-term clean energy.

What is Duke Energy's Strategy?

Duke Energy provided an update on its strategy to fulfill customers' demands for affordable, reliable, and clean energy, indicating progress toward a transition to cleaner energy sources.

Will Duke's 2020 IRPs meet its emission reduction targets?

Duke's 2020 Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs) include multiple scenarios that can achieve the required emission reduction targets. Moreover, the Duke University Nicholas Institute issued a report in 2020 as part of the Governor's Clean Energy Plan process, detailing how the power sector can achieve the said emission reduction targets. North Carolina regulators are currently reviewing Duke's resource plans and the process involved.

Duke Energy Carolinas is a publicly regulated utility that deals in the production, transmission, delivery, and vending of electric power to regions in North Carolina and South Carolina.

What states does Duke Energy serve?

Duke Energy serves customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. The company is one of America's largest energy holding companies with 50,000 megawatts of energy capacity.

What type of energy does Duke Energy use?

Duke Energy Carolinas uses natural gas, hydroelectric power, and nuclear power facilities to generate electricity.

What is Duke Energy's annual giving total?

Duke Energy Foundation's yearly charitable donations exceed $30 million, allocated towards enhancing dependability, avoiding power outages, and fostering the use of clean, sustainable energy. It is important to remain vigilant against scams that utilize intimidating approaches to gain access to one's account.

What is Duke Energy doing to prepare for outages?

Duke Energy is utilizing advanced technology such as drones to assess outages and damages. In addition, the company is preparing for potential outages caused by elements such as trees located far away from power lines. By leveraging the aforementioned measures, Duke Energy is striving to ensure a prompt and efficient response to any outages that may occur.

The average yearly pay for a Civil Engineer at Duke Energy in the United States is approximately $109,520, which is 34% above the national average salary.

Duke Energy salaries: How much does Duke Energy pay?

The average salary for Duke Energy in the United States ranges from $38,163 to $161,484 per year, with hourly pay ranging from $12.87 to $75.00. Administrative Assistant jobs at Duke Energy fall within this salary range.

Who is the CEO of Duke Energy Carolinas?

The current CEO of Duke Energy Carolinas is not specified.

How many Duke Energy customers are without power?

As of noon Eastern time, nearly 340,000 Duke Energy customers were without power, with over 140,000 of them in the Charlotte area. At one point on Saturday morning, the number of customers in the Carolinas without power had reached close to 500,000.

What is Duke Energy Progress?

Duke Energy Progress is a subsidiary of Duke Energy that provides electricity to 1.7 million customers in North Carolina and South Carolina through 12,500 megawatts of energy capacity.

Does Duke Energy sell my personal information?

No, Duke Energy does not sell your personal information. They have a privacy policy in place to protect the information of their customers.

Where is Duke Energy located?

Duke Energy is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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