What Base Are Civil Engineers Deployed To Usaf

What Base Are Civil Engineers Deployed To Usaf

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) is a subordinate unit of the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center, which is one of six centers aligned under Air Force Materiel Command for the United States Air Force. The AFCEC has 1,900 personnel and is located at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas.

What is the role of civil engineering in the Air Force?

The role of civil engineering in the United States Air Force is to maintain and construct bases for the air force to operate out of during peacetime and provide rapid repair of damage to airfields and other critical facilities in wartime. This is accomplished through United States Air Force civil engineering squadrons.

Who were the first US Air Force Civil Engineers?

The first US Air Force Civil Engineers deployed across the Southwest Asia area of responsibility to support Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq after the September 11, 2001 attacks. They were known as Prime BEEF teams.

What is the 1st Expeditionary Civil Engineer Group?

The 1st Expeditionary Civil Engineer Group is a group within the U.S. Air Forces that provides a range of planning, design, construction, and repair services for USAFCENT in various locations, both inside and outside the wire. Their mission is to deliver responsive and efficient expeditionary services.

What is a prime base engineer emergency force?

A Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force (Prime BEEF) is a specialized unit of the US Air Force that is capable of rapidly deploying to provide comprehensive engineering support for the establishment, operation, and maintenance of garrison and contingency airbases. Primarily, Prime BEEFs function as emergency response teams for engineering needs in emergency situations.

What is AFCEC's Civil Engineer Operations Directorate?

AFCEC's Civil Engineer Operations Directorate is a team of professionals who provide technical, managerial, and training expertise to enhance the capabilities of base civil engineers in their daily operations.

What AF staff positions are in the CE career field?

The AF staff positions in the CE career field include those at Headquarters Air Force, Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center, AFCEC, MAJCOMs, and NAFs.

Who approves a 32E career field?

The approval authority for the 32E career field is the Career Field Manager (CFM) under the Functional Manager (FM), who is the Director of Air Force Civil Engineering at HQ USAF/A4C. The 32E CFM is responsible for reviewing the document annually and is the coordinating agency for the 32E career field.

Civil Engineers are responsible for ensuring Air Force buildings and structures are well-maintained and combat-ready. They develop and implement solutions for complex problems to keep facilities and utilities running smoothly.

What does an Air Force civil engineer do?

An Air Force civil engineer ensures that buildings and structures are maintained and combat-ready. They are responsible for solving complex problems and implementing solutions to keep facilities and utilities running effectively.

What does a civil aviation officer do?

A Civil Aviation Officer maintains International Civil Aviation Organization documents, updates foreign clearance guides, and coordinates and provides input to base support plans. They possess specialized knowledge and qualifications related to civil aviation.

How long does it take to become a civil engineer?

To become a civil engineer in the U.S. Air Force, one must attend Officer Training School (OTS) which is a 12-week development course. Eligibility for OTS requires completion of four years of college, either through graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy or earning a bachelor's degree and enlisting.

What are the four divisions of the Civil Engineering Directorate?

The Civil Engineering Directorate consists of four divisions which are asset visibility, operations maintenance, engineer, and the Civil Engineer Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Team.

What is the Air Force's Civil Engineer Center?

The Air Force's Civil Engineer Center is responsible for a massive, multi-year construction effort to deliver infrastructure needed to support F-35A Lightning II fighter operations at multiple Air Force Bases.

What does AFCEC stand for?

AFCEC stands for Air Force Civil Engineer Center, which is a subordinate unit of the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center under Air Force Materiel Command for the United States Air Force. It is located at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas and has a workforce of around 1,900 personnel.

What is the Air Force Operations Directorate?

The Air Force Operations Directorate, based in Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, offers technical and managerial assistance to the Air Force civil engineering community, primarily in the area of operation and maintenance of built environments.

The mission of AFCESA is to offer resources, methodologies and expert assistance aimed at optimizing the civil engineer capabilities of the Air Force in both base and contingency operations.

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