What Civil Engineer Company Constructed Las Vegas Stadium

What Civil Engineer Company Constructed Las Vegas Stadium

The Las Vegas Raiders stadium, designed by Manica Architecture with HNTB serving as architect of record, broke ground in November. The project involves major design subconsultants, including civil engineer Kimley-Horn, structural engineer ARUP, and MEP engineer SSR. This project adds to the growing list of major stadium projects underway in the U.S.

Arup, in collaboration with HNTB, Manica Architecture, CAA Icon, and MMcJV, was involved in the design of the stadium, providing structural and façade engineering services and building maintenance support. The stadium is unique and was successfully brought to life with the help of these partners.

What did our team do for the construction of the stadium?

The team provided ground engineering for the stadium and surrounding urban park, acted as lead mechanical consultant, and served as ICT consultant during the construction, which began in 2007 with a fast-track program of ground engineering for foundations and bulk earthworks.

How are stadiums different from other civil engineering structures?

Stadiums present unique challenges for civil engineering due to their interaction with the human factor and the synchronization of large crowds. They are distinct from other structures in their architectural and structural details.

How did design-build deliver Allegiant Stadium?

The design-build delivery method proved instrumental in the successful completion of the Allegiant Stadium construction project. By integrating the design and construction teams, the project benefited from enhanced collaboration and communication, which facilitated efficient decision-making and ultimately led to the reduction of time and construction costs. Moreover, through the use of cutting-edge technology, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), the team was able to optimize the design and construction process, thereby mitigating potential risks and ensuring a safe work environment. As such, the design-build approach played a critical role in the delivery of Allegiant Stadium, enabling the project team to overcome various challenges, ensuring the successful and timely completion of the project.

What is a football stadium?

A football stadium is an enclosure with a large seating capacity for spectators that provides ample space for athletic games and other exhibitions. The name derives from the Greek measurement unit, stade.

How is a bowl stadium built?

A bowl stadium is constructed by excavating up to 50 feet below ground level and building the foundation and framework first before progressing with the construction process. The thorough construction process involves fulfilling a long checklist of requirements for a multimillion-dollar investment.

Why do you need a new stadium?

A new stadium can bring revenue to the area and revitalize the city, franchise, and market. The construction process takes millions or even billions of dollars and involves several stages.

How big is Allegiant Stadium?

Allegiant Stadium is a 65,000-seat stadium that costs $2 billion. A video board measuring 80 feet tall by 345 feet long is set to be attached to the outside of the stadium.

Is Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas air conditioned?

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas has a seating capacity of 65,000, with the ability to expand to 72,000 for Super Bowl events. The stadium is domed and has air conditioning, but also features a retractable natural field.

How many people does Allegiant Stadium hold?

Allegiant Stadium has a capacity of around 65,000 football fans.

Can You Tour Allegiant Stadium?

Allegiant Stadium announced via Twitter that it will allow the group BTS to hold their "Permission to Dance On Stage" tour at the venue. The stadium will not require proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 tests for entry, as per updated Clark County health regulations, but BTS will require masks during their Las Vegas concerts. There is no information provided regarding public tours of the stadium.

How does teamwork change the scope of a construction project?

Teamwork in construction projects leads to improved productivity, better quality, increased safety, and changes the overall scope of the project.

What can you learn from your construction team?

One can learn from a construction team that each member is essential and delegation is vital for project success. It is crucial for everyone to understand their roles and responsibilities to achieve the objectives according to plans.

What makes or breaks a construction project?

The success of a construction project hinges on various roles with different skill sets, knowledge, and experience. It is not just materials and equipment that are required for a successful outcome.

What is a construction project team role?

A construction project team role refers to a specific position within a construction team and is responsible for carrying out various duties related to the project. It is a crucial element for successful completion of construction projects.

Arup collaborated with HNTB, Manica Architecture, CAA Icon, and MMcJV to design and build the stadium. Their scope of work included structural and façade engineering, as well as building maintenance.

How did Arup expedite the construction timeline?

Arup contributed to expediting the construction timeline by implementing flexible design features such as adjustable structural connections at the cable-truss to compression ring interface, in alignment with the project team's common objective.

Who is Arup?

Arup is a renowned global design and engineering firm that has been pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity since 1946. Its founders believed in collaboration and open-mindedness, leading to high-quality and relevant work.

What Awards does HNTB have?

HNTB, a design and infrastructure firm, has earned several awards for its aviation projects, including the Grand Conceptor Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies for the structural engineer of record for the air traffic control tower at San Francisco International Airport.

Who is HNTB?

HNTB is a project oversight representative that earned a National Awards of Merit from the Design-Build Institute of America for their work on the Sisters Creek Bridge replacement in Jacksonville, Florida.

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